DEFECTIVE - a detective quest without either a detective or proper reasoning.

You wake up without any recollection of yesterday's evening and your worst hangover to date. It's up to you to force your brain into producing logical thoughts.

Source code is available at (under MIT)



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Wow this game is awesome! Love the concept and I wish this story went on longer. This is definitely the type of detective games people want and need. You could probably even make a whole series with this thing!


I don't know why but all went black on me too. Great game idea, in top 10 for sure.


Cool idea, I felt like a detective, also after doing this game jam i felt hung over as well so I can relate. I found it difficult to piece together some bits of information, but I bet some tweaking of the UI and creating a more visual way to put together pieces of the puzzle would help it a lot.


I quite liked the game but I couldn't finish it after finding out happened it just went all black on me.  With a bit more work this could a great little indie games that I could myself buying, the concept of having to piece together the events of the night before made the logic mechanics shine.


A really nice entry to the competition. I really wanted to figure out what happened.

I enjoyed the idea behind the game, and I think it could be a really great one if the UI is improved and it disallows trial/error spamming entries.